The complete guide in using GCash for playing at online casinos

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Filipino bettors always find a way to get money just so they can play online casino games and win some real money. The person must have granted access to all of the payment options before funding an account or purchasing at some of the most acclaimed Online Casinos in the Philippines. Like most casinos, they accept transactions using electronic wallets like Neteller or any other applications. 

           Here in the Philippines, electronic wallets are now a popular trend. The most well-known is the GCash. Originally created by the Philippines’ leading telecommunications company Globe Telecom in 2004, this is designed for users to pay bills easily, purchase items in online shops, and money transfer services. Globe Telecom has partnered with the BSP (Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas) in order to operate to fully serve its users. In online gambling, you can also use this to fund your account and play online since it is approved by Philippine Online Casinos. The application is free to download on your mobile device. 

You can do all this if you have a GCash account and a mobile device number. It does not matter what network the number is on. As long as the number is active, then it is still acceptable. You can use their convenient website or their mobile application for free. If you want to start a GCash account, then all you have to do is to follow these steps below: 

  1. Download the application from the Play Store for Android users. For iOS users, download it from the App Store also for free.
  1. Open the application to register. It will ask you to enter your Globe or TM mobile number. 
  1. In this step, you need to have your complete name and address in order to complete the application form that is shown on your mobile phone screen.
  2. It will prompt you to enter a 4-digit MPIN (or just PIN for others), which you will use as a passcode to secure and protect your GCash account. 
  3. Click the “Submit” button once you have created the MPIN of your choice. For your security, please do not share this MPIN to others. 
  4. To authenticate your phone completely, Globe will send a 6-digit code that you should enter to complete the registration.
  5. Once it is fully authenticated, it will prompt you to enter your MPIN again to fully utilize the app.

Now that you have successfully created a Gcash account, it’s time to know the basics of using the application. Even if it is licensed and approved, the user must undergo verification standards. Hence, your account is not fully verified if you are not able to send money or link your own PayPal account. That is because there are three levels of verification here which are the Basic, Partially Verified, and Fully Verified. Since you are a customer, you can complete the verification process if you want to enjoy all the perks and features of the application.

Under Basic verification, not all of the features here are equipped. When you have moved to be a Partially Verified user, an online form is given to you. You have to fill it up in order to be at this stage. Being a Fully Verified user is important for other users because they get to utilize all of the benefits here. You need to have an online chat with a Customer Support agent in order to acquire this stage. When it is done, then you are now a fully verified GCash user!

Since you are a Fully Verified user, you can completely enjoy the electronic wallet without limitations. You can link your account with other payment processors to make GCash deposits and GCash withdrawals in order to play at some well-known online casinos in the Philippines. Globe also has partnered with these payment processors for customers to be able to cash-in through their accounts. If you are fully verified, the transaction limits will also increase for your account. For instance, the most maximal amount of your wallet will start from Php 40,000. But once you are verified, it will adjust to an amount of Php 100,000. Not only does the wallet limit change, but also your payment limits if you are using this as your default payment method. Starting from the basic amount of Php 5,000, this will once move to Php 100,000 once your account is fully verified. 

As this is a complete guide on using the GCash application, we will also provide instructions on how to cash-in using payment processors and how to link your accounts. The most accessible way to cash-in is through convenience stores. The most popular is 7-Eleven. It also has a service that accepts online payment transactions. Here is how to cash-in through 7-Eleven: 

  1. The store has a payment kiosk usually at the side of the counter which they call CliQQ. At the left pane of the screen, select “e-wallet”. Once you have tapped this, it will show the electronic wallet options. Select Gcash. 
  2. Insert the desired amount that you like to cash-in. If you have already entered the amount, then click “Next” to proceed to the next step.
  3. After this, a barcode will be generated along with the amount that you will cash in. A receipt will be printed which will be released at the lower part of the kiosk. This is just for a limited time only and you have to use this. If it is expired, then you will have to make another one. The validity of the barcode will be shown on the slip.
  4. Show the receipt to the cashier. The cashier will scan the code. Once the code is identified, pay the cash-in amount to the cashier.
  5. You will receive a text confirmation shortly after a successful cash-in. Your Gcash account is now funded successfully!

Now you already know about cashing-in through a convenience store, let us move on to linking your PayPal to your GCash account. Before we do this, you need to be mindful of these things about your own PayPal account: 

  • To provide a better and more specific connection, your PayPal account must be cataloged in the Philippines;
  • You also need to make sure that the account is personal;
  • Double-check if your PayPal and GCash information is the same for the more enhanced experience; and
  • A Pre-Approved Payment Plan will also be activated by authorization to GCash from PayPal.

You should also check if the System Web View is disabled in your mobile device. You can do this by going to your mobile device settings, then click the “Show System Applications” button or any button that shows the word “Application” in it then you have to disable the System Web View plug-in app in your mobile device. If you want to link these two payment processors now, log-in to your PayPal account and equip the Pre-Approved Payment Plan to GCash. There should be some procedures that are shown on the website. You should follow them in order to completely link the two processors. PayPal is now connected to GCash if the application is displayed after you have done all of the procedures and by clicking the “Close and Continue” button. 

Let us proceed to another method of cashing in, which is moving funds from one bank to another (or online banking) by using GCash. In the Philippines, you can choose from a wide variety of banks to transfer funds. We have BPI, BDO, RCBC, Metrobank, Unionbank, among others. Online banking is free of charge, all thanks to the efforts of InstaPay, an economic enterprise made by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. You are allowed to transfer funds technically around banks in the country in real-time. You can also transfer funds into an electronic money issuer, wherein GCash is also involved. 

In the meantime, this only supports certain banks in the Philippines. RCBC, Union Bank, Maybank, PSBank, AUB, BPI, and PBCom are some banks that are only supported by this. There is also an option where users can use debit cards such as MasterCard and Visa. Now, let us proceed to online banking. We are going to show you how to use BPI first before other banks.

The Bank of the Philippine Islands is one of the most popular here in the country. Thousands of available and accessible branches around the country are what make BPI the leading bank here. Since GCash exists now, BPI now allows the application as a part of their banking service.

To manage this on the app, ensure that the version in your phone features the latest one in the application. For iOS users, the version should be v.5.9.0:167. For Android users, the version should be v.5.9.0:315. You have to link first your GCash account to your BPI account by following these procedures:

  1. Log-in your account in the GCash app
  2. Find the Main Menu and click the “My Accounts” button.
  3. Select the “BPI Account” button.
  4. If you have a BPI Express Online account, log-in to the account. You should also agree with the Terms and Regulations of the service holder by doing so. If you do not have an account in BPI Express Online, then create one so you can successfully link this to your GCash account.
  5. Instructions will be shown on the screen. Follow them to accomplish the linking process.

The steps in cashing-in or transferring funds are also similar to the linking process. To start off, you have to log-in to the application and pick the Cash-in option. Next, choose the option BPI to GCash and enter the amount of money you want to cash-in to your account. Then, they want you to provide your mobile number for confirmation and after that, they will give you a code. It is a 6-digit authentication code that you should enter to accomplish the transaction. There is always a confirmation message in every transaction that you make, and if you receive one then it is now already confirmed. 

If your account is fully funded, you can send your funds to other Philippine banks, pay bills and products online. To fund and cash-in with your bank, follow these steps below:

  1. In the GCash application, choose the “Cash-In” option in the app’s dashboard and click “Online Banking”.
  2. A list of banks will be provided to you. You can choose one from the list, or find the bank which you are using. Some of these banks may redirect you to their app or website to verify the transaction that you have made to your account.

AUB, otherwise known as Asia United Bank, is a bank that is also popular here in the country. This bank also supports GCash for its service. Here are the procedures for cashing-in using AUB:

  1. Open the AUB app or visit their website and log-in to your account.
  2. Click the “InstaPay Fund Transfer” option.
  3. Pick an AUB account that you want for you to transfer funds.
  4. Choose “GCash”, then enter your GCash number and put in the amount that you have chosen to cash-in to your GCash account.
  5. Double-check the transaction that you have made and confirm it. Take note that in every transaction you make with AUB, it comes with a Php 10.00 fee.

Maybank also allows cashing-in to GCash. Here is how to cash-in with this bank:

  1. Go to the mobile app or the user-friendly online website of Maybank and log-in to your Maybank account.
  2. Click the “Transfer” button and enter your transaction password.
  3. Choose the “Transfer to Other Accounts” choice.
  4. You can choose one account to transfer your funds.
  5. Choose “GCash” under the “New Transfer” tab or button.
  6. For the account type, click “Savings”. Then, prepare the 11-digit number of your GCash account. Now it is time to put the number of money that you have chosen for cashing-in.
  7. Ensure that there is nothing wrong with double-checking the details of the transaction.
  8. Once you have done step 7, click the “Submit” button.

If you have successfully funded your account, then good job! You can now enjoy services given to you by the electronic wallet GCash. There are 2 kinds of services in this electronic wallet that you can fully enjoy, and these services are Financial Services and Lifestyle Services. We will the difference and the functions of these services.

First off, we have Financial Services. These are services that are business-related. Bank transfer and money investing are two examples of Financial Service. 

  • Bank Transfer: This is an important feature in the application because it is easier and simple to use. Who would have thought that the hassle of real-time investing and going to a bank and waiting in line is now made uncomplicated by just a single application on your mobile device? This feature can also be applied to any other payment platform. In this case, Smart Padala, PayMaya, and other platforms are now supported with GCash. 
  • Money Investing: This also acts as an important feature in GCash. The app is not just for paying bills, it also serves as a money investing tool Starting at a minimum supply of Php 50.00, users can now invest their money anywhere and anytime.

The other one is the Lifestyle Services. Unlike Financial Services, these are services that are not business-related, but rather these are related to the everyday living of people, leisure or entertainment such as buying load, shopping online, transferring money, funding gaming accounts, and paying bills.

  • Buying Load: Buying load has now entered the electronic wallet world. You can buy e-load inside your homes or in your office without even going outside and finding a store that accepts load using GCash. There are also times that when you buy e-load, it also comes with extra perks from Globe or any other network if you set this as your default payment method.
  • Online Shopping: This is the most used and most frequent feature in the electronic wallet app. Online shopping is an alternative way for real-life shopping because instead of going outdoors and using physical money, shoppers can purchase items online hassle-free and less stress and make some quick and fast payments on the most acclaimed and leading online shopping websites.
  • Money Transfer: GCash can also be used as an online payment method for transferring money to any person with a working mobile phone number. Want to send money to another person? Wish to donate to charity or organizations? Then GCash will be your electronic source for money transfer. Open the app, and click the Money Transfer button to easily send cash.
  • Paying Bills: This is also the most important and the second most used feature in the application. Users can pay bills anytime to more than 400 registered and licensed companies and service providers.
  • Funding gaming accounts: Yet another important feature, but for gamblers. Gaming websites allow customers to use GCash as their funding method. Just double-check if the gaming website is fully licensed and approves the electronic wallet as a payment option.

If there is a cash-in method, there is also a cash-out method. Cashing-out is basically withdrawing the funds or cash that you have cash in your account. To do this, you have to withdraw the money using the app in an ATM with your MasterCard. This also works when you go to GCash Partner Outlets to complete all of the transactions you made within the app.

When you cash-out using a Partner Outlet, a GCash form will be sent to you. You have to fill-up the form for accurate information about the negotiation. Once you have filled up the form, you have to send it to the cashier of the outlet. They will see and make progress to your request. The verification is done if the information is confirmed and the cashier gives you the money. Worrying about fees? Well, the good thing is that there are no fees when you cash out in a partner outlet. This great benefit makes cashing out much more convenient because they do not want you to waste even little money.

You can cash-out through an ATM or an Automated Teller Machine. If you have a GCash Mastercard within your account, you can visit any ATM that is associated with a Mastercard debit card. The machines will always tell you to provide a PIN. If this happens, then simply enter your GCash MPIN. It always depends on the user on which method they think is easier to use.

As mentioned before, GCash serves as an alternative option in any online transaction. If you shop online or play online casino games, then an electronic wallet is helpful. Similar to Skrill, Neteller, or any other e-wallet, GCash allows you to send money, purchase things, pay bills, and more services that people can work with. Like most applications, this one accepts the involvement of online casinos. You can fund accounts using this very simplistic electronic wallet. A portion of online casinos advertises and promotes the use of GCash as a part of its entertainment and as one of the most utilized payment alternatives.

Apart from it being the most useful, beneficial, and responsible application in mobile money used for paying service bills, this is also popular because of its importance at being secure. Globe Telecom assures that users are 100% safe from theft and other crimes. Since the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas has partnered with GCash, all money transactions and payments are made proper and reliable. 

If you are a user with full verification in the application, then you can also access the Customer Protect utilization. With this, customers are blocked against unjustified crimes and uses. The users are safe and are protected against illegal doings like ATM skimming and POS transactions that are unwarranted.

The user-friendly website of Globe Telecom and the GCash application also provides a Help Guide page and a page for FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions for customers who want to know more about the company and the application itself. If users want technical help and other problems, they have free access to the Customer Support page which is available 24/7.

We hope we have helped you with the complete guide to the basics and fundamentals of GCash. Now you have accomplished something today. Keep in mind that gambling is just entertainment for people. It should not be taken too much and too seriously. Enjoy gambling in the comfort of your own homes. Stay safe and stay healthy, everyone!…

A Guide to Online Gambling for Real Money 2020

Online Casino

Every gambler always asks another one for tips. They ask something like “What are the different tips that you use in online gambling?” Well, responding to that question is kind of a thrill to us because there are two main reasons why: 

1. Gambling is completely obscure. They always wonder and ask themselves what games you are playing in a casino or where you gamble online. It is very impossible to reply to a simplified and complex answer to such an undetermined question like that. 

2. The gambling industry has been here for a long time now that the curse of knowledge cannot be prevented. The said ‘curse of knowledge’ is a logical bias wherein one individual has forgotten that not all people share the same experience. This is why tips are very hard to develop because most of these things are very common now, or simply because these are commonly said multiple times before or in the past. 

But the people requested tips anyway. Soon as we got to work, we have compiled a catalog of these tips that covers some prospects in online gambling that consists of: 

  • Choosing what gambling sites to join. 
  • Some promotions, bonuses and others including wager requirements. 
  • Definite recommendations for blackjack, poker and slot games. 
  • Operating a bankroll 
  • And a lot more. 

Our catalog is down below. We wish they would work for you and help you completely. 

ORDINARY TIPS in Online Gambling 

  • Every game has its own rules. It is very important to analyze, study, and understand those rules so you wont make catastrophic aberrations. 
  • Losing in the long run is okay as long as you are okay for it with your bankroll. 
  • Make sure that when visiting a site, it should have a great reputation to their customers. You can skip the site if it takes you so long to get your paper check or your bankwire.
  • If a pessimist tells you that a site is broken, do not believe them unless they show you evidence. I
  • if you want to lessen the house edge as possible, then you can just stick to playing table games, video poker or standard poker. 
  • Do not rush your losses. If you rush them more, then you will have more chances of losing. 
  • Use betting systems as entertainment only because they do not actually work. 
  • You and your money will be much more secured if you play at licensed casinos. 
  • Play and play a game until you get used to the strategies and basics of it.
  • Compare one casino to another. You will never know if they give the same offers or charge the same additional fees even though they are owned by a single company. 
  • No download casinos are far the easiest way to play poker games and online casinos too. They are also suitable with gadgets and some operating systems. You do not need to worry about your storage getting filled up by additional files, because all of it is applied in the casino already. 
  • You should try to find some casinos with a high return rate percentage. The percentage is the total average of the casino paying back to its players at the same time. It can be higher than 98 or 99 percent, meaning that the 1-2 percent is the money wagered. If you play for a long time at a casino like this, the numbers might add up for some time. 


  • Make sure to read bonus terms first before going to an offer. Before agreeing, you should know how to clear the bonus. 
  • The lower the rollover of the bonus term, the excelling. This applies if you compare the bonus terms to online casinos. Take note that online casino handicap terms makes it more impossible for table and video game customers and players. 
  • Choose an online site wisely. Do not base on the bonuses or other benefits. All bonuses and benefits should not deserve to get ripped off. 
  • As a responsible customer, you should also read the rules and regulations always so it will be easy for you to look at limits (weekly banking, progressive wins, weekly wins) and prohibitions by gambling online casino bonuses or bonus terms. 


  • Slot machines with bells and whistles have the worst odds more often. Find one that is more simple and plain so you can get the best odds that you have ever seen. 
  • “Hot” and “Loose” machines are not real. Find a slot machine game you enjoy playing with. Even though you always win, you will still have chances of losing in the long run. 
  • You can play slots for free without additional charges if you do not care about winning cash and just having fun. Free slot machines are often provided by most online casinos. 
  • What makes slots fun to play are expecting symbols that you need to go to the jackpot or a bonus round. It is very impossible to play slot games if you do not know what you are doing. 


  • It is prohibited to count cards at an online casino blackjack table. Once the casino catches you doing it, then your account might possibly be banned from playing there. You can count cards at a live dealer, but not online. 
  • Find single or double deck blackjack games because they have a low house edge. 
  • Always remember the rules a casino or a player favors. Find a game which the rules are applied to consider to the players more than the house itself. Some rules imply how much blackjacks can pay, are players prohibited to split aces, among others. 
  • Double down your 10 and 11 when 9 or lower numbers are shown by the dealer. 


  • One of the most important things to keep in mind is the traffic of the site. The more player base the site has, the more opportunity you will find a tournament or a game.
  • Step tournaments often provide the best value online. The good thing step tournaments have are they serve as a budget friendly tourney and you can win more with an investment. 
  • It is totally okay to fold on a poker game, as you should be folding most of the time. 
  • Most sites do not allow tracking software, note taking and others. That is because they want to be player friendly in a recreational way. Other sites however provide beginner sections for new players. 
  • Manage your leaks regularly. Study your hand history and look for some mistakes. This will help you to improve on playing poker. Furthermore, you will be able to get good at some time. 


  • If you are a beginner, get used to simple bets first. It is actually more effortless betting on a moneyline bet, and the odds are more improved.
  • Prevent yourself from paying tips not unless you know where or who they are coming from. It is much more useful if you save your money for sports betting first instead of wasting money. Many tippers just increase their win rate or show you their records.
  • Always choose the sport you want to start betting on if you are a beginner. If you get used to a sport, then you will most likely be better on it. 
  • Viewing your betting record is a good way to determine what you are doing. Your records will show you how you are doing well, how you have improved, and others.

And that is it for our catalog of some different tips you can use in the world of online casinos. We hope we educated you in the best way possible. Stay safe always. …