A Guide to Online Gambling for Real Money 2020

Every gambler always asks another one for tips. They ask something like “What are the different tips that you use in online gambling?” Well, responding to that question is kind of a thrill to us because there are two main reasons why: 

1. Gambling is completely obscure. They always wonder and ask themselves what games you are playing in a casino or where you gamble online. It is very impossible to reply to a simplified and complex answer to such an undetermined question like that. 

2. The gambling industry has been here for a long time now that the curse of knowledge cannot be prevented. The said ‘curse of knowledge’ is a logical bias wherein one individual has forgotten that not all people share the same experience. This is why tips are very hard to develop because most of these things are very common now, or simply because these are commonly said multiple times before or in the past. 

But the people requested tips anyway. Soon as we got to work, we have compiled a catalog of these tips that covers some prospects in online gambling that consists of: 

  • Choosing what gambling sites to join. 
  • Some promotions, bonuses and others including wager requirements. 
  • Definite recommendations for blackjack, poker and slot games. 
  • Operating a bankroll 
  • And a lot more. 

Our catalog is down below. We wish they would work for you and help you completely. 

ORDINARY TIPS in Online Gambling 

  • Every game has its own rules. It is very important to analyze, study, and understand those rules so you wont make catastrophic aberrations. 
  • Losing in the long run is okay as long as you are okay for it with your bankroll. 
  • Make sure that when visiting a site, it should have a great reputation to their customers. You can skip the site if it takes you so long to get your paper check or your bankwire.
  • If a pessimist tells you that a site is broken, do not believe them unless they show you evidence. I
  • if you want to lessen the house edge as possible, then you can just stick to playing table games, video poker or standard poker. 
  • Do not rush your losses. If you rush them more, then you will have more chances of losing. 
  • Use betting systems as entertainment only because they do not actually work. 
  • You and your money will be much more secured if you play at licensed casinos. 
  • Play and play a game until you get used to the strategies and basics of it.
  • Compare one casino to another. You will never know if they give the same offers or charge the same additional fees even though they are owned by a single company. 
  • No download casinos are far the easiest way to play poker games and online casinos too. They are also suitable with gadgets and some operating systems. You do not need to worry about your storage getting filled up by additional files, because all of it is applied in the casino already. 
  • You should try to find some casinos with a high return rate percentage. The percentage is the total average of the casino paying back to its players at the same time. It can be higher than 98 or 99 percent, meaning that the 1-2 percent is the money wagered. If you play for a long time at a casino like this, the numbers might add up for some time. 


  • Make sure to read bonus terms first before going to an offer. Before agreeing, you should know how to clear the bonus. 
  • The lower the rollover of the bonus term, the excelling. This applies if you compare the bonus terms to online casinos. Take note that online casino handicap terms makes it more impossible for table and video game customers and players. 
  • Choose an online site wisely. Do not base on the bonuses or other benefits. All bonuses and benefits should not deserve to get ripped off. 
  • As a responsible customer, you should also read the rules and regulations always so it will be easy for you to look at limits (weekly banking, progressive wins, weekly wins) and prohibitions by gambling online casino bonuses or bonus terms. 


  • Slot machines with bells and whistles have the worst odds more often. Find one that is more simple and plain so you can get the best odds that you have ever seen. 
  • “Hot” and “Loose” machines are not real. Find a slot machine game you enjoy playing with. Even though you always win, you will still have chances of losing in the long run. 
  • You can play slots for free without additional charges if you do not care about winning cash and just having fun. Free slot machines are often provided by most online casinos. 
  • What makes slots fun to play are expecting symbols that you need to go to the jackpot or a bonus round. It is very impossible to play slot games if you do not know what you are doing. 


  • It is prohibited to count cards at an online casino blackjack table. Once the casino catches you doing it, then your account might possibly be banned from playing there. You can count cards at a live dealer, but not online. 
  • Find single or double deck blackjack games because they have a low house edge. 
  • Always remember the rules a casino or a player favors. Find a game which the rules are applied to consider to the players more than the house itself. Some rules imply how much blackjacks can pay, are players prohibited to split aces, among others. 
  • Double down your 10 and 11 when 9 or lower numbers are shown by the dealer. 


  • One of the most important things to keep in mind is the traffic of the site. The more player base the site has, the more opportunity you will find a tournament or a game.
  • Step tournaments often provide the best value online. The good thing step tournaments have are they serve as a budget friendly tourney and you can win more with an investment. 
  • It is totally okay to fold on a poker game, as you should be folding most of the time. 
  • Most sites do not allow tracking software, note taking and others. That is because they want to be player friendly in a recreational way. Other sites however provide beginner sections for new players. 
  • Manage your leaks regularly. Study your hand history and look for some mistakes. This will help you to improve on playing poker. Furthermore, you will be able to get good at some time. 


  • If you are a beginner, get used to simple bets first. It is actually more effortless betting on a moneyline bet, and the odds are more improved.
  • Prevent yourself from paying tips not unless you know where or who they are coming from. It is much more useful if you save your money for sports betting first instead of wasting money. Many tippers just increase their win rate or show you their records.
  • Always choose the sport you want to start betting on if you are a beginner. If you get used to a sport, then you will most likely be better on it. 
  • Viewing your betting record is a good way to determine what you are doing. Your records will show you how you are doing well, how you have improved, and others.

And that is it for our catalog of some different tips you can use in the world of online casinos. We hope we educated you in the best way possible. Stay safe always.